Friday, May 11, 2018


Hear ye Hear ye. Read all about it. The sound of that (yes I spoke it out loud to myself) puts a vivid picture of a young lad standing on a street corner peddling the newspapers. The media, we've come a long way since those days. Well, most of y'all have. I have a smart phone, but it's only used for talking and reluctantly texting. I'm not a member or whatever you call having an account with Facebook, twitter, snap chat stuff, or anything like it. Heck, I haven't long been away from windows 3.1 using AOL dial up (at least that's what I tell people). No, I've got too many baseball cards to play with, count, sort, re-sort, box or page, scan, and then do whatever. I easily have enough right now to do that would last the rest of my life without ever having to buy another card. But, that won't happen. You know it won't. I am just old fashion, heck I would much rather talk to someone in person than to talk on the phone. I'll will say this, if it wasn't for baseball cards I wouldn't even use the internet, no e-mail or anything. Ah, that sounds so nice to MY ears, yes I said that out loud too, lol. Back to the media focus. I picked up some "old fashion" media in Jax last weekend. I need not say another word.

Oh, yeah that's how you listen to music. Scratched records and everything. hey, I only said that I need not say anything else, not that I wouldn't.

Now, you know I didn't get these for myself, albeit many have PC guys on the cover.

There were a lot of guides. I grabbed the ones I figured people might want.

You see I plan on hosting another BFG (Big Fun Game) or what I call a Chinese Auction.

Probably sometime next month.

I will however change up (play on bb lingo) the rules a bit.

So that the game plays faster. Which will be a good thing because I am figuring more participants.

I will announce the details before the end of this month.

I am still gathering "items" to put up.

These media guides will be included except for the Braves. And I'll have to.....

pair up some of these especially the Cubs.

Feel free to comment below if you want a spot in this years round. I apologize but all participants must be stateside or have a stateside (lower 48) address to keep shipping costs at a minimum. All posts between now & the announcement of the modified rules will accept joining in on the fun. The first rule change is to reduce the # of steals an item can have. I'm thinking 2 steals, what do you think about that?

Have a great night and safe weekend!


  1. Replies
    1. **This comment was indicating I was interested in the game, as well as my opinion that these cards were fun stuff.

  2. the Maddux strikeouts cover is nice!

  3. I'll pass on the BFG, but I do enjoy the posts and following the game itself.

  4. Love old baseball media guides. Those 83 Astros, Dodgers, and Braves covers are fantastic! The Giants one is pretty bland... and that's one of the two in this post that I own. The other is the 83 Jukebox A's.