Thursday, May 10, 2018

A Minor post

Let's see. Make that a Minor League post. The cards you are about to see all came from the oddball boxes I picked up in Jax last Saturday.

I found these two for my PC's.

I scanned these 3 for a reason. All of the cards here are from 1990 Best. However, about 20% of the cards I got have the black border whereas the rest are borderless. I apologize for the crappy scan job on the Pennington card. The bottom pair have an issue that was also constant through the cards. The name on the front uses a "V" where it should be a "U". I don't get it, the backs are correct.

Who knows. Moving on to some of the other cards in the lot.

A few guys here that made the Bigs.

These guys (minus Ozzie) had a decent career in the Bigs. I couldn't resist putting him in there.

And for the best part of these minor leaguers........ the Braves.......

A few names that I remember watching. I forgot about Turk playing for the Braves, my brain is getting old. Yep, hopping the chalk and brushing the teeth.

I had no idea that Al Martin was in the Braves farm system.

Tyler didn't pan out for the Braves. Guess that's why he was traded to the Cubs, but I'm sure you cubbies will forgive the Braves. Crap, before he was traded to the Cubs the Braves whooped up the Cubs in a 18-1 wash out where Tyler picked up 5 RBI's. 

I'll throw out some neat stuff this weekend, see ya.

Have a great night!


  1. I was expecting nothing but Mike Minors. But nice to see these old minor league cards too.

  2. Pre 1992 minor league cards were all awesome. That Kelly Mann is straight out of the 50's.

  3. Always liked that set, great haul!

  4. Like seeing the Jays and Expos in there

  5. Seeing that Bagwell brought back a memory that quite possibly would have been lost forever. I remember Bagwell had this insane season back in the mid 90's, so I remember going out and buying a 1/2" lucite holder for my 1990 Best Bagwell. Not sure whatever happened to that card. There's a good chance that after all of these years... the card has permanently adhered to the plastic though.