Saturday, May 26, 2018

Big Fun Game is fast approaching.

UPDATE:  I originally left out NO passes this go around.  Pick a number or steal.
Also noting ARPSmith bowed out as he will be chilling on a cruise. Number order has changed check it out.

Okay I plan on starting the BFG on the first Sunday of June in the evening. MARK YOUR CALENDERS! The rules are as follows:

1) Have Fun.

2) Each prize can ONLY be swiped/stolen a maximum of 2 times.

3) Each contestants can ONLY steal once.

4) There will be leftover prizes at the end (un-chosen numbers), and I will at the end of the game (when all players have a prize), announce a "first to comment" if they would rather swap their prize blindly for one of the remaining numbers. I will do a few of these so if you feel stuck with what you won, there's a second chance to unload it. SO AT THE END PAY ATTENTION!

5) If there is anyone else stateside that wants to play you'll need to comment here on THIS POST. (you will follow in order of the others).

6) I will NOT be randomizing the pecking order of contestants, so pay attention to the order you are listed below.

7) No passes.


I have the following already registered:

1) Jon
2) Julie
3) Brett Allen
4) Matt Prigge
5) John Sharp
6) Dimwit
7) Bo Rosny
8) Raz
9) Tom Tessier
10) Adam Smith
10) Trevor P.
11) AJ Mazza
12) Chris Reed
13) Fuji
14) Matt (Diamond Jesters)
15) Jafronis
16) Nick (dimebox)
17) DefGav
18) John
19) Wilson
20) Matt Pedersen
21) Night Owl
22) Once A Cub
23) Matt Stupienski
24) Tim Badstein

Please e-mail your addresses, many I have I know in fact may even no by heart, but to keep the contest stuff all together e-mail me    :)


  1. I dont think I have YOUR email to tell you MY email. Anyway, I'm at mjprigge at g mail dot com.

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  3. If registration is still open, I'd like to get in on this. Thanks, if so. My sports 42 at gee mail dotten commen

  4. I am going to have to bow out, I am leaving Saturday for a cruise and won’t have internet access. Sorry.