Monday, May 21, 2018

Player Collection Update

We are up to the letter P.  I am closing in on the final round of updating my PC's. I will start on the C's this week. So the numbers you see below are not accurate, there's still more to do. Good news is that I surely will finish this MAJOR update (by years end as was a blog goal) that had been sitting around for a couple of years. Now to the cards

Satchel Paige: 27

Jim Palmer: 69

Dave Parker: 121

Dustin Pedroia: 48

Hunter Pence: 9 (this 1 really needs to get moving).

Herb Pennock: 3

Tony Perez: 53

a 3fer card (all 3 are PC guys, then add 1 for the set build), these cards can eat a wallet up hence the creased version above.

Gaylord Perry: 41

Mike Piazza: 465 (this one should bust the 500 club once I hit the P's for the final round).

Jim Piersall: 5

Eddie Plank: 5

Johnny Podres: 8

Alex Pompez: ZERO cards (1 of the few remaining guys I've yet to acquire).

Buster Posey: 67

Cumberland Posey: ZERO cards (another 1 of the elusive ones).

Jurickson Profar: 14 ( I have no idea why I have in the PC, but when I stumble on a double I throw him in the box).

Kirby Puckett: 309 (this one was a great add to the PC).

Yasiel Puig: 30

Last not but least......

Albert Pujols: 159

I am hoping to have the final round done by the time I get to Yaz, but I'm not posting the latest updates. I'll just be updating the numbers and the cards I own on the PC pages.

Have a great night!


  1. How you keep track of all this is beyond me!

    1. The PC's are kept in excel spreadsheets, and also on my web page (when I update).