Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Odds and ends

I split my bring home goodies this trip to Jax between some Braves, all of the loose 2018's, and odd balls. Lots of odd ball sets/partial sets. So many that I will have to do many posts to cover all of the great "odd ball" stuff. You're going to want to see them all.

HH1-HH4.  All just happen to be keepers for the PC's.

Now on to basically  1 set/series for the remainder of this post.

1980 TCMA. 5 of 6 make my PC binders, so looks like Mr. Staley is going into the trade boxes.

All 6 of these guys make the PC's, sorry Dodger fans.

4 of these 6 make the PC. 

1980 TCMA.  6 of the 8 above make my PC's.

1980 TCMA.  Another 6 for 8.

Now this is also 1980 TCMA, and I have no idea why it looks different. I guess they had their reasons. 5 Keepers here.

and all 6 of these are keepers.

1983 TCMA. 4 of 6 make the PC's.

and 4 of these 6 make my PC binders.

So that is the appetizer for the the odd ball cards I picked up.

Have a great night.


  1. I remember needed those 91UDs to complete the master set. No way was I going to include getting the autographed versions. Just lacking the handful of errors now, but I'm calling it complete.

  2. I definitely am a fan of the TCMA cards. I think that Red S. card is has the image they used where it looks like his arm got cut off.

  3. Those All-Time TCMA sets are cool. I wonder if they made an Athletics set...

  4. Few things grab my attention like TCMA cards.