Friday, May 4, 2018

Oh No Mo

Throwing out the N's & O's of my PC.  Not physically, just literally.  It is hard coming up with post titles sometime, and this one certainly has me tongue tied. No More= Nomo. Like I said, I tried.

Hal Newhouser: 12 different.

Kid Nichols: zero (Dang it and he was a Brave.

Phil Niekro: 111 different cards.

Hideo Nomo: 143 different cards.

No doubt that this card is a Sample.

Hank O'Day: zero cards for now.

Walter O'Malley: zero cards for now.

Jim O'Rourke: zero cards for now.

Shohei Ohtani: 2 different

Thats white spot is something on my scanner I need to clean off. This was my first Ohtani card, and the only Topps Now purchase I've ever made. I grabbed a 10 pack of these. I still have 5 I'm hanging on to for a few years.

Tony Oliva: 11 different.

Nice to add a rookie.

David Ortiz: 75 different cards.

Mel Ott: 27 different.

Side note  I need to know who that Cleveland Indians collector was I previously traded with. Please email me if it was you.

Also need Once a Cub to mail me his addy.

May the Forth be with you. Have a great night, heading to Jacksonville tomorrow.

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  1. Tony Oliva was the man. Played before my time, but I'm always blown away by his numbers. Shame he doesn't receive a lot of hobby love.