Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Spring Cleaning

I couldn't resist the "so called" spring cleaning sale over at COMC. I hit up my Braves big time. I'll start with some food issues.

1962 Post. Now let me say that I was winging it, meaning I wasn't checking lists. I figured if I stuck to cards that I thought I needed for the team set and was also building the set I'd be okay.

For example the Kelloggs above. Only (at least I think I do) needed the Niekro for the team sets. One of my lists shows I didn't need it there though. I won't know until I can get it home, and get things organized at home. Who knows when that will be.  Yes, I grabbed 2 Davey Johnsons I need 3 overall, and turns out now I have them.

These two create a dilemma for me. I so want to separate the stickers, but I won't. Really sucks because Yount is a PC/Birthday guy.

Moving on to some inserts and oddballs.

Can't go wrong with the Babe in a Braves uniform.  One of these is 1979 and the other 1980 TCMA.

The Hanson is a replacement autograph. It sure would've been nice for Topps to say what product/set it was replacing. Oh well.

I blew it with this one, I have one of these. I just didn't remember or even know what set it was from. Now I do. It was an insert from the 1987 Hygrade Baseball's All-Time greatest set called rare and famous card reprints.

I believe this card is my first Haney card, and first Super Teams card.

1950 Bowman.

This is about the half way point of my haul so I will end with the Ernie Johnson card above, wait.....
that is Ernie Johnson, but it is not his card.  It is the error Don Johnson card.

I'll whip out the rest in the next day or two.


  1. Aparicio and Michael Bourn? That seems like an odd pairing to me.
    I like those Bowman International parallels.

  2. I wish I would have thought about searching for vintage Post cards when they had their sale.

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