Thursday, May 17, 2018

Moving on.....

To the first of two parts of the Braves from the Jax card show. The cards featured tonight all came from the card show host/the main dealer. I've picked a few cards here and there from him. So i thought I'd hook him into my lair.

Nothing overwhelming in these relics, but.....

my plan was/is to grab up all of his $2.00 BRAVES relics/autos, get him to discount it.

Which he did. I know there are dupes, just wait.

So the next time he refills his Braves relics/autos back up (and you know he will),

He will expect me to wipe em out again. But this time I'll be hesitant and counter his discount big time or maybe even walk.

See lots of dupes. Take notice to the Hursh in the middle, it's different so I am keeping that one too. mcClouth there is light blue and dark blue, so keeping both of those too.

Anyways, I'll be trying to get my Braves relic/auto of the non star players at less than a buck a piece. I love it when I wind up paying a quarter a piece for bulk autos (commons of course).

Fitting the last pair are dupes. I don't think I'll get this dealer to quarter, but I know one thing, it is always NO if you don't try/ask. Either way, he'll get where I am coming from.

Have a great night!


  1. Dang. 25¢ autographs? I'd be all over those.

    1. They are hard to come by, but it is what I try to get when purchasing bulk commons. Usually, it takes awhile. Most of the time they want a buck or more. Which is what I did this first time. 42 for 60.00. Goal is to work him down towards the .25. I'm not feeling I'll get this one much below a buck though.

  2. That's a lot of hits! Love seeing the David Hale..he's been on the Yanks twice this year (and DFA'd twice).

  3. John,
    If your looking to trade some of your dupes I'm always looking for ink I don't have I have about 6,500 dupes myself maybe we can work out a trade hit me up if interested email is soskinfamily at yahoo dot com. I can email you my spreadsheet you can take a look if some thing you need or want company signed and in person signed stuff. Thanks Dion nice purchase by the way! link to my blog

    1. Which of those dupes posted do you need? I'm easy Braves are best.