Saturday, April 5, 2014

Shadow Shots, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I have no clue what I scanned a couple months ago, so let's see what we see tonight. Well apparently I used them all already. I will be saving this "started post", and scanning a few more shadows.

someone bent over, could be kneeling, or praying

similar to the first one.

a messed up mustache

 a dog

its weird, and it's Nolan. No worries, he has another one tonight and its a good one.

Someone doing a cannonball into a pool.

a hand grabbing something

I did this one sideways on purpose. the shadow just looks wild.

A puma on the run. A swift puma or cheetah, lol.

a bunny

a steers head

 a totem.

a donkey head.

a sabre

Look how LARGE that shadow is!

a jungle cat of sort

have no clue, just weird.


  1. Here's what I have this time around...

    Torres - a C-clamp like my dad would use in his tool shed

    Benes - a fire extinguisher

    Burke - a crane in flight

    Thompson - a seahorse

    1. Ha, I thought of a C-clamp too for that one!
      My favorite is probably the bunny.

  2. Figures about Ryan. Everything is bigger in Texas, they say...