Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Minis

While reading some blog posts this past weekend. Nick (dimebox) mentioned making it official on a mini collection or rather "another" one. "Bubble Gum". I have posted in the past some of my "Gum Shots" and tonight I will be bringing them back. Thanks Nick, this time around we will be judging them for "BEST" bubble!

Some good candidates here for sure.

A few more good ones.

And the winners is..... Billy Wager Ultra second scan.

Now to flashback to the early nineties with some "1st Rounders"

I see a few who had very nice careers.

Yeah, Thomas hands down.

A couple of good careers here.

Mo sort of dominates this page.

The three on the left side of the scan take top honors on this page.

Karsay and White.

Chipper rules this roost.


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