Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I wasn't able to stir up any trades from last weeks post. I did update quite a bit on my Braves web page, still no wheres near finished updating, but made some headway for sure. I did make a trade with Wes over at Jaybarkersfansjunk for the 69 Mantle. I got his cards in and they are awesome. I may have to break Thursday's trade update post into two parts, depending on what comes in tomorrows mail.

AnYways, for anyone new to this blog. I collect Braves (check the link on the right), T206 (the lesser conditioned, of course), John Elway, and vintage Wacky packages. I have a ton to trade from vintage to current, heavy on the 57s, 64s, 80s & 90s and 2001. Lots of manufacturers including some of the higher end issues.

Lets get a trade going.

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