Thursday, April 17, 2014


Seems like forever since I could post one of these, lol. I know it was only a week, but like I said I am spoiled.

I did get a PWE (our usual back & forth) from Ethan (playing with my cards). Lately, I've been sending Ethan a slew of Tutlenecks for his PC mini collection albeit it can not be too "mini" if you catch my drift. Ethan is the only collector that I am aware of with this mini collection, so I had and still do have a slew more. But, he also colects "Grips", 42s, "Doughnuts", St Pattys uniform cards, and something new, but I'm not sure what that is yet. We've been trading back & forth PWE after PWE for about 6 months now. Initially I loaded him up with a ton of 42s and grips, but that has been awhile so HEADS UP ETHAN, I will slip a few more of those in the next few PWEs. Thanks for all the Braves.

Needed all 9 of these.

Here, the bottom row was needed. 12 new adds is all to my Braves PC, again Thanks!

Now for the MAIN EVENT.

Recently I reached out to Wes at (Jaybarkerfan's Junk) for a trade. Wes is working on his 1969 Topps set, so I offered up the Mantle (see a previous post for the pic). Sure enough he needed it, and offered up these beauties. Caution:   scan heavy.

Nice bunch of serial numbered and refractor cards!


Game used and auto (sticker, but I don't care).

Oops, serial numbered minor leaguer.


Terdo auto!

Auto sticker

Relic card.

serial numbered.

Serial numbered black mini!

Dual relic!

A minor league relic.



Commemorative patch, ah the year the Braves won the Series!  And it doesn't hurt that it is on a Maddux card either.

Framed mini relic.


Dual relic and super sweet! Numbered to just 18.



Minor league auto sticker. Serial numbered 1/10

Minor league black PRINTING PLATE 1/1



Commemorative patch

 a couple of serial numbered Shefs.

and wrapping up with these TWO 2013 Elways. I didn't even have them listed as needed, but I DID need them. First Elway hits (cards I need) in a very very long time. I may have to actually put a post up on that blog (it's been 6 weeks since I last posted anything there.

Current Elway Collection: Unique cards = 1,376, 21 Figures, 38 Publications (covers), 16 Collector's plates, and 31 misc. items.

Thanks Wes, your Mantle is en route  TRACKING NUMBER IS 9114 9010 7574 2985 8544 05

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