Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday Thanks

So a few packages came in this week so far and some really nice adds. I have been rethinking my PC Braves binders and My Elway collection, and have yet to make a decision on a change. I will let you all know when I have "made a change".

All of the cards above came from Tony  (Off Hiatus Baseball Cards). Totally unexpected surprises as I was expecting a card or two for the February contest. Whoa, do I need to hit him back with some Braves (he collects them too, and lives in Atlanta). Tony and I had a "conversation" as to whether or not I am Gator fan being that I live so close to Gainesville, FL. ( I am). He is Dawg fan, as I was growing up. I was born in Atlanta (1966: the year both the Braves and Falcons came to town), and have fond UGA memories back in the days like Herschel Walker, Junior Miller, and the likes. Tony put "Go Dawgs" on the return address label of this package. GO GATORS!  hehe. Tony many thanks, and I will have to shoot you some Braves next time.

This next batch came as a surprise from Kenny (Zippy Zappy). At first, I thought I was going to get to open a pack of cards but no, Kenny perfectly hid some cards inside this wrapper.

Kenny also zapped me with this:

So, apparently I have been zapped. I guess that is a good thing as look at the cards he sent.

You can zap me anytime. Thanks!

The above cards came courtesy PWE from Ethan (Playing with my Cards). Ethan and I send PWEs back and forth. I literally have hundredS (capital S) of mini hits for him and even more Dodgers cards. We will probably be doing this PWE exchange for quite some time.  Ethan collects, 42s, turtlenecks, grips, and the newly added St Patricks Day cards. As always Ethan, thanks. Just dropped 3 more on ya too.

all but two of the base cards (I think)

Alex (Chavez Ravining) sent over these. Nice start on the 2014 base cards so far, and without spending one nickel on a 2014 pack as of yet. Alex also mustered up some Elways too.
Thank you all, always appreciated.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the cards. I almost sent those Elways to another blogger, but I managed to correct my error before I sent them out.

  2. You've been Ethee-Ethaned... or something. (Yeah, I'll leave that to Zippy.) Looking forward to the next shift. The stack is growing again as we speak.

  3. Glad to see you got the cards safely.