Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Some T-m-T (trade Me tuesday) Trade Bait

The other day I posted about a Wacky Wally World Blaster. What I did NOT mention is that within 25 miles of my house are 6 Wal-Marts, yep your read that right, SIX. 2.5 miles, 7, 11, 15, 23, and 25 miles.

After busting those 8 great packs, (working on at least 2 trades from that box, maybe a third) I got a really big itch. This time I went 7 miles down the road to that Wal-mart. She-bang, she-bang.. Ding  ding ding ding ding (the register sounding off). This store was loaded with those $11.98 blasters. I mean loaded. Grabbed the 2013 A & G, 2012 Archives, 2012 Gypsy Queen, a 2013 Gypsy Queen, and 2 more 2013 Archives (I had such great luck with the last one and this was a different store, I figured I would need two). 6 blasters, and I didn't even sample all that was available. In lieu of the 2 2013 archives, I could have grabbed a 2013 Bowman, 2013 Bowman Platinum, or a couple of 2013 Topps all series. This shelf was jammed with boxes. So, how did I do? I did get some awesome cards, and you will see them ALL. Remember, If they ain't Braves, I will trade them (and if they are dupes will trade them too!)

First up the 1st of the two 2013 Archives, pack by pack with best pull per pack.

Easy winner here.

Any questions


Quad stickers.


Was hard to call it between Ozzie and the Tall Boy.

 Trout and the Gwynn insert.

A relic wins for sure, although I do like the bat barrel/slash turtleneck. That wraps or should I say unwraps box 1. Now to the second.

Not the greatest pack of the day, so I will split the best honors between Atlanta, LA, and the SP Williams.

 Hey now I have two of this quad sticker to trade away (one from the previous pick up)

NOW, EVERYONE NO FIGHTING. I AM SURE SOMEONE WANTS THE BRYCE INSERT. This really was a no brainer from this pack.

You say how can I split it between Jackie and  Evans, easy.... That is the second Jackie pull, and come on LOOK at the Evans card, crap look at young Darrell, and it is a SP to boot. EASY split.

Just kidding...... LOL (that is the second Lynn Tall Boy).  Profar wins.  HAHAHAHA, had ya didn't I?

Another tough call (I have 3 Babes). That unwraps up the 2013 Archives. I will say this, this set doesn't give out to many "mini collection" hits. Like the Weaver GRIP above. I think all in all I pulled about 4 or so out for other traders minis.

BOX 3:  2013 Gypsy Queen

Ooops, didn't crop that first one. Either way BEST pull the McCann Collision at the Plate! No the Trout is not gonna get this one. LOL.

I gotta give this one to Spahn.

SWEET pack! Going with Profar and I know Ted Williams certainly gets a split here.

The green mini

Splitting this with the Jeter insert and and the Spahn mini. (I can always use Jeters for my flea market buddy)

The Seaver mini.

Gotta go with the relic, sorry Reggie.

UMMM..........UMMM.. yeah, Nolan Ryan.

Next up the 2012 Gypsy Queen

Tough call, I'll go with Braun.


Colored mini

4 way tie. Cabrera, Schmidt, Stragell mini, and Kaline. Nice pack.

Very nice pack got 2 Braves, Robinson mini, Mays, anda Longoria. The best pull... Mays.

Going with the insert.

The mini.

The Mays insert. Tough one as this was another great pack with Maris, Carew, Sandberg, and Upton too.

Next box... 2012 Archives

The Johnson card is a foil, soit makes the split with Hanson and Granderson

 Easy call!

Tie Seaver and Killebrew

Normally I would just choose the relic, but I'm not so impressed with "bat" cards, that Pedroia 3D card is awesome, and heck let's throw hanley in the mix for best pull.

Olerud is a SP, Youk, and Tulo split it.

Easy one, Cal, and the Morgan SP.


1977 Stargell cloth sticker, cool.

This brings us to the sixth and final box: 2013 A & G

Gotta go with the insert

Picking the Miller (for my Miller PC) and the Sioux mini.

Your choice is as good as any, hehe.

Both Kimbrel's

Wow!. Splitting with the Civilizations, black mini, Pele, and Ziggy.

Tie Gwynn and the Rickey mini, although the superman card is a keeper.

Many might go with Cabrera, but TUT all the way for me.



  1. I'd love to get that Cooooooooooop relic and the Braun you have there Johnny....

    1. and here I thought you were a Braves collector. (Go Gators!) What cha got for me Tony

    2. Well, I have the Heyward celebrating with teammates short print from this year if you need that.

  2. Hi Johnny. I could definitely use one of the Babe Ruth Archives cards, and the Ryno, as well. Those are the last two I need for my Archives set. Also, I pulled a stack of Braves cards off your 'need' list. I'd like to send you a list of what I found, but couldn't find your email. Shoot me a note at mkaz80 at gmail dot com.

  3. Since nobody else has said anything about the Harper, I might as well throw my name in the mix. I'm also interested in the Dodgers you pulled from Archives, including the Hanley in a Marlins uni.

    1. Alex, you got it. I've set aside some more Beltre and Green and a couple of Kemps and a Kershaw too

  4. Lots of great Sox. I'll dig up some more Braves for you

  5. Wowza, nice pulls. I'd be very interested in that pitchers quad sticker if you're willing, and/or the Stargell patch and mini. There's a few more in there, I'll shoot you an email and look at your want list. I'm sure I've got some Braves for you.

  6. Mark, thanks. I got some the other day too, and have some ready to head back your way.

  7. Bru, Don't have a Stargell patch card, but I'm in on the rest

  8. Seeing any one of these that may slip though the cracks to end up in one of your envelopes would be a happy thing:

    2013 Archives
    Bob Tewksbury
    Larry Bowa
    Fred Lynn Tall Boy
    Darrell Evans (if you already had one)

    2013 Gypsy Queen
    Aroldis Chapman
    Vida Blue

    2012 Gypsy Queen​
    Rod Carew
    Willie Mays Glove Stories
    Willie Mays Hallmark Heroes

    2013 Archives​
    Joe Morgan

  9. Ethan, I slip a few of them in ( I have 4 already made up so it will be in the next one I do).