Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wacky Wednesday

I am tired tonight, so I apologize in advance for a short post. I do hope that some cards tonight are interesting to others. Let us get right to them.

Tried a new format, I don't like it, but too late for tonights post.

McDowell shagging fly balls. Zeile interview, and the Canseco brothers.

A loilli pop, Hudler acting like Ozzie, and Bonilla all cracked up.

A towel on the mound during a game, some water play, and Candy looks like that batting helmet is about to be tossed like a football.

 Shades and some "air-time"

Looks like a homemade do-rag, and a throwback.

 An interview, and a cool Stotlemyre (the back is here tonight as well).

These speak for themselves, but the Bert and Jim backs appear again.

Pretty cool card!

A whole bunch of throwbacks.

Gonna toss the pigskin.

 I said you would see the backs of these three.

Ending with some "Classic" MLBers on their minor league teams.


  1. '91 Upper Deck has always been a favorite of mine.

  2. Love both of those sets. I may try to work on '92 Classic Best.