Monday, April 14, 2014


Tonight I thought that I would post one "mini" collection. Not one of mine though. In the past I had mentioned that I noticed a few bloggers that either collected certain Japanese players, or any of them so that is what is in store for you tonight. I ran through my boxes, surely missing a lot but finding these Japanese born Baseballers. As I do not collect any other than those that don an Atlanta uniform, these are all for trade. I only pulled from base cards.

I have traded most of  Nomo away, but still had these left along with some Yoshii.

A couple more Nomo and some Kaz Sasaki.

Some Irabu and a few Fukudomes.

Some Kaz Matsui.

Some Ohka, a couple of Ichiro, and some Hasegawas.

And a handful of others. I am sure i missed some in my boxes, and when I run across them will pull those out too. Looking to trade these away, so if you see something you'd like shoot me an e-mail or comment here


  1. I'd be into the Nomos that aren't from Topps base sets... especially the Fleer Trad and the 40-Man...

    Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto!

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