Friday, April 11, 2014


I'm tellin ya, this week flew by. Hopefully the card drought ends soon, lol. It's funny how you can get used to getting cards everyday. It's spoiling in away, but I LIKE IT, SLMAO.

On a good note, it is the weekend, and already this week I have put a huge dent thumbing over those 7,500 cards (from a few weeks ago) pulling out "mini" hits for me and others.

Now to tonight's main event, the Franken-pages 31-33, cards numbers 271-297. However, I had a card from last friday in the incorrect slot as you will see in the first scan tonight (top row middle) is card #270 and should have been in the last slot last week. It is just hanging out there is slot #272, or was there. I fixed it.

Page 31: 7/9

Good mix years, and players. I especially like hitting the pages with some vintage on them like the Aaron above.

Page 32: 8/9

Another great mix here, and a couple of vintage as well. Love that bottom row.

Page 33:  7/9

Good mix of players and sets. That Chambliss is perfect for the center card on this page.


  1. Awesome. I want to thank you. You have inspired me to start a Pirates Frankenset. How high are you going if I can ask?

  2. Nolan, As of now my highest card in the set is #880, but I actually do not have a limit considering Braves have card #s as high as 4809 (LOL) 2008 UD Documentary (I hate that set)

  3. I don't plan on going that high. Maybe 800. Do you search out different numbers? What is your process? I started finding cards and players I liked and then I will start plugging holes.

  4. Dang blogger, its not letting me reply to the individual comments.

  5. Nolan, My Franken-Set is made up from 100% duplicate cards (actually, initially was made up of quadruplicate cards). When ever I get a double, I check it to see if that slot is open, if so it goes in there no matter what.

    Many other people/bloggers have different methods, some actually switch up the slots whenever they run across a better card. I place a card in a slot and it is permanent. I don't "pick" cards for the slot, but take them as they come. This way if you get a double, it may not be so bad, you still might need it.

    I've so many Braves double that I am thinking of starting a 2nd franken set that does not duplicate a slot. But havent decided to do so just yet.

    Good luck and enjoy you Franken-Set.