Friday, April 4, 2014

Franken Friday

Another week, wow this one went fast. I have a stack of apx. 350 cards to check against the franken set, but we will get that done this weekend. For now, let's look at the next three pages in the binder. Wait a minute, I told Wes (Jaybarkersfans Junk) I would scan the 1969 Mantle for him.

There is actually a bend on the upper right corner, the scan really doesn't show much of it, but it is there I know I bent it with my thumb catching it when I dropped it once. To me I would call it a slight crease, either way this is an awesome piece of cardboard, especially for a Mantle piece, get it Mantle piece. Okay, maybe I'm not as funny as I'd like to think I am.

The back looks great too.

Page 28: 9/9

Great mix of players, brands, and sets.

Page 29: 7/9

Repeat of 2013 Topps, but I can live with it.

Page 30: 7/9

Another page with a great mix of everything.

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