Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wacky Wednesday

Here are a handful of cards that are interesting to me one way or another, that reminds me of a song. lol.

Last Wednesday, I posted the backside of the card without realizing that the card front was so much more interesting. That is a HUGE ball glove.

A Pitcher horsing around.

Yeah, maybe if you were another 4 feet taller.

Now this catcher has some balls! (Look at his back pocket).

Now this Pitcher isn't posing or horsing around, looks real. I wonder who he was playing warm up with.


 Great photo!

How does the same Team draft 2 different players as their selection. I wonder what card # 372 says.

What the heck, did he put two I phones in his back pocket?

That is one fat wallet, maybe it is full of cash. Probably just an old fashion package of chewing tobacco.

That camo jeresey from this 2001 UD Reserve is awesome.

Another ball balancing card.

Great shot!

What was Upper Deck thinking putting this on a vertical card?

Should have been horizontal like this!

Same expression 2 years apart.

Lofton, Henderson must have taken lessons from Wills.


  1. I think "phones" is probably the best-case scenario for what's going on in Matt Capps' pants...

  2. The Ruffcorn and Rumsey cards are BOTH wrong. Rumsey was drafted in the 42nd round. And Ruffcorn was drafted in the 1st round. In 1991. By the White Sox.