Friday, April 25, 2014

Thursday Thanks

Thanks go out to reader Mark for sending along these binder hits.

And for the the highlight.......

a 1970 Fleer Laughlin World Series, thanks Mark.

 Remember the other day I mentioned about picking up 30 thousand cards from a dealer buddy (his name is BOB. Well, I've made it through about a third and here are some of the odd-balls.

Some Sports Illustrated for kids cards.

These are Cracker Jack minis.

Some King B's

Some 1987 mini's.

Some Fleer HardBall

Got a handful of these performers, these were the best two (other than the Brave) lol.

Some more Cracker Jack minis.

And some more Cracker Jack minis.

Some more 87 mini's.

and rounding (pun INTENDED) out tonight are the best of the King B's.


  1. Any Sox among those King b's or Fleer hard balls

  2. Wow - Some great oddballs in that box. Well done.

    I have some Braves coming to you on Saturday. Hope you can use some of them!

  3. Nice. My favorite is Rich Aurelia, who looks like he got hit in the eye by a Hardball. Take that friggin' Giants!

  4. Are you interested in trading away that 1994 Barry Larkin King B?