Monday, June 10, 2024

When I went back

 I did in fact run back over to Ormond Beach last week to scoop up the 2023 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary cards from the dime boxes. I spent $20.00, got a book on Griffey and Thomas plus roughly 2500 of the cards. I got 75% of the set with the rest being held for me for my next trip over. It will be the first of the 3 sets that I will complete. Previously I showed the first two Braves, now I've added 14 more.

Sorry for being crooked, lol. I now need 7 more Braves plus two variations.


  1. Nice mix of current and retired players.

  2. I opened a blaster of this stuff. Really like the product!

  3. I have watched a couple of box breaks of this stuff. It's a nice looking product, but I probably won't buy any until I finish the 2021 set first.