Friday, June 21, 2024

some odds and ends

 The other day when at KnT cards, I initially planned on getting one of the $20.00 boxes. After I filled 3/4 of a box with series 2 and Chrome Platinum I found another box 3/4 full of all series 2. I quickly decided yeah get it, then just fill up the boxes the best I could.

When doing that I am scouring the boxes rather quickly glancing for the eye catchers. This go around I grabbed a hundred or so recent Chrome Garbage pail Kids (no.... I don't collect them). I also found a few other products too.

There was a couple of boxes (3k ct) full of older A&G. I wish I had paid more close attention to them. Instead I grabbed a handful of thicker cards from in there. Low and behold I get home and they were 2006 & 2007.

Thinking now, with 2006 might have been a good idea to scoop up that box for $20.00 Oh well.

 Spotted this 2011 Braves Heyward bobble, had to get that. Anyway, I've got more odd ball picks for next week. Maybe Monday after I get back from Georgia. Have a great weekend.


  1. Chrome Garbage Pail Kids! I looked up to see if they make refractors too - yes they do! Long gone are the days when I used to have the stickers and would stick them to the wall in my room.

  2. Not sure if you remember tossing them into my box, but you sent me a handful of those GPK cards. I paired names from that lot with my 2nd semester students (about 10 to 12 of them) and asked if they'd want them. They were a hit. I'm kind of surprised Topps decided to go the Chrome route... since the coolest thing about the originals is that they were stickers.