Thursday, June 20, 2024

Series 2 sorted!

 Okay, I got the series 2 Topps sorted. I came up 8 cards short of a complete set. Rest assured I'll have those nicked by bedtime. Three thousand dupes. I'll make a few OCT trades for sure to thin those down. 

The pic above shows the first two rounds of (each box) where I sorted them by the "hundreds". The shorter stacks on the left are obviously the 350-399s, followed by the 2 rows each of 400's, 500's, and lastly 600-700. Side note: i did find another bubble gum card too.

Here you can see the sorted cards again by the hundreds bit sitting inside the box with the 351-399 sitting outside the box. After this was done I then sorted each row to get them into numerical order. Done. (now to get to those taxes which I am driving back up to Valdosta to handle with his accountant Monday). I did manage to pull PC guys and 2 of each rookie logo card for my hoarding as well. Now what I have fits into the box with about a hundred stacked on the side of one of the rows. Eventually, not now but I will thin them again for one of my 13 year running odd ball collections. In time, no rush. 

To close the week out tomorrow I'll scan up some of the odd balls.

Have a great night!