Tuesday, June 11, 2024


 When I was digging through Kyle's dime boxes grabbing up all of the Platinum Anniversary cards there were some cards that caught my eye. There always are. Tonight I'll show you four of them although I grabbed some other brands too, but no need to show them.

I hadn't see these cards before. They are quality cards, nice and thick but not too thick. I have heard of the brand well at least seen it before not knowing what they were. Futera Unique.  These are from the Heritage section/subset.

The card fronts are underwhelming or bland if you will on design other than the logo. The backs are much better. Especially when you notice how short numbered they are. One of the cards above is from 2019 and the other 3 are from 2020. There is bronze, silver, and gold. Anyways, How could I pass them up when I basically was paying a little more than 1/2 of .01 per card. ($20.00 for 3000 cards).  .006 each.

Tomorrow is a busy day, follow up with VA in the morning, study trivia in the afternoon, and then go play trivia with my brother Jack. Probably not going to have a post.


  1. I think they might be from a company called Onyx. I have a random autographed card of a Ray from around that time period from Onyx.

  2. DOBs in 2003. We're not that many years away from pulling a card of a player born on a day of publishing a blog post. By the end of this decade probably.

  3. Definitely worth what you paid. Very low serials.

  4. They look really nice. It's too bad though that they couldn't feature players that folks have actually heard of.

  5. Have fun playing trivia with your brother! I used to play trivia with my college buddies at the local bowling alley bar back in the 90's. I think the best we ever finished was in third.

    1. We used to do trivia with friends pre kids at the oldest Irish bar in Indy the last Friday every month. It was always a good time!