Tuesday, November 7, 2023

An In-House trade

 I've been looking forward to posting this in house (as in "in my house") trade. The night before the Jax card show last month one of the dealer who lives in Lakeland stopped by the house and we traded. He took those monster boxes that were sitting on my sofa for months. I got these:

Starting off with the Michael Hariis II autograph.

I slipped the Bobby Witt Jr. auto in with my Braves.

Kershaw begins the PC guy gets.

When the jersey relic is a different color I count it as a different card, not a dupe.

Now on to the non relic pieces, well two cards anyway.

Kershaw rookie (I still need and want 2 of the Topps Update rookies).

NO, I haven't broke this one out from it's prison yet. I will be waiting to see if Andruw's boy amounts to much. I may use it as trade fodder who knows.

So that is what I got for those 14 monster boxes. Not sure I came out on the winning side there, but they are gone and that is good. I got stuff I actually collect.


  1. The Harris and Witt autographs are nice, and that Jones card could be a nice pickup if he pans out. Glad you got something for all of those boxes.
    It’s been 12 or so years since I’ve been in Lakeland and the only shop I knew of back then was owned by a guy in his late 30s (back then) named John Gaglione and his parents. The shop is no longer there, and tons of guys have popped up selling cards but I kind of wonder if it was him or his father who took the boxes off of your hands.

  2. If you are happy with what you got and having a sofa instead of a monster box holder, you did well. Nice A&G cards.

  3. 4.5 cards a box.

    Not too often you see a bat card for a pitcher but Gooden was a good hitter.

  4. That's a lot of relics! And I agree with Randy, if you're happy with the trade, then it was a good trade!

  5. Great stuff! Congrats on clearing up space