Wednesday, April 27, 2022

The Learning curve.

 While cruising the aisles at the card show back home. I stumbled across the Canseco from this set. The seller then flipped to a folder with 35 of the cards from the set in it. I made an offer on the lot, but forgot the Canseco laying on the side. My bad. The set has 55 cards total. (I think).

These are the keepers (PC) from the lot. 24 out of 35 not bad. I regret forgetting the Canseco laying off to the side. Oh well. I should be hitting the road back to Valdosta in the morning so I doubt I will have a Thursday post.


  1. Oh, hopefully it won't cost you too much to replace that Canseco.

  2. I've had a hard time finding these over the years. I know I have the Abbott but I think that's the only one.

  3. I keep forgetting there's a Gary Carter Giants card in this set.