Wednesday, May 4, 2022

My the Fourth be with you. LOL.

 I haven't posted since last Wednesday. All is well, just prioritizing other stuff this past week. I hope to head to Jax. for a card show this coming Saturday. Meanwhile, When I went back home last month for that card show (the one with all of the Fleer vintage), I also picked up some Star Wars stuff. Initially, I had my nephew in mind as he is a huge fan. 

Two carry cases with figures.

There were also more dupes than the ones in case 2. I bagged them (about 20-30 of them). 

Not really sure what I am going to wind up doing with these. Most of the figures appear to be from The Empire Strikes Back.


  1. I had one of those as a kid but I don't think I had that many figures. Nice nostalgia post.

  2. As much as I enjoy reading card posts... I enjoy seeing vintage SW action figure posts even more. Super jealous of all of these!

  3. I've had most of those since I was a kid. I did lose a few when i was young, and several more are broken. I do see some from Return of the Jedi in there.

  4. I LOVE those carrying cases!!!!!

  5. I like when you typed "Initially", as in it was going to go to your nephew, but now they're staying with you!