Thursday, April 21, 2022

1961 Fleer

 I grabbed a stack of these 61' Fleer. All had a dollar price tag on them with the exception of two ($3, $5). No dupes in the stack. Made a low ball offer on the stack and got it.

This one was priced at $1.00

Turned out I needed 15 of the 23, and of the 8 dupes all are either PC guys or upgrades. $15.00 for the lot! That's half of the asking price. 

Have a great weekend. I am heading to North Carolina next week so not sure about any posts as of right now. I figure I'll get the Laughlins blues & blacks done before I go. That will cover a couple of posts.


  1. Have a great trip to NC. My buddy just visited the Outer Banks and said it was gorgeous.

  2. Of all the times I've seen cards from this set over the years, this was my first time seeing card #1. Pretty neat card!