Monday, April 4, 2022

1990 Hall of Fame 500 HR club silver proofs

"The Legends of Baseball" Proof Collection. 

I bought the Williams last year, and was pretty hyped to get it. The hype MY HYPE was because that one was autographed. You can read that post here:  Williams signature

Well, I just picked up 11 of the 12 (no Mantle).

These things are priced so crazy on Ebay.        500 HR club proofs

I paid $200.00 for the lot. Even got the box they came in originally. Only missing the Mick.

Now, as for REAL price or value: the 22 gram silver proof is valued today around $15.00. (that's 50% more of what it was 6 months ago when I got the other Williams). Now silver is on the rise, as is gold and other precious metals, it always rises when the economy (the real economy) is looking bad for the long run. I really wish I hadn't dropped my precious metals license. Anyways, sidebar lost track.

 That is what each one cost me if you average it out ($18.00). In my mind I have the silver coin therefore I broke even. Of course I could drop them on Ebay for a profit, but I'm not interested in doing that at least not right now. Besides I need the Aaron and Mathews for my Braves collection, and then all of the others are PC guys too. Think I'll keep them. 


  1. I've never seen those before, and they're cool.

  2. These are cool. I'm a fan of oddball collectibles like these.

  3. I'm glad you brought it up, because right from the start I was wondering about the silver value.