Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Vintage Fleer 1

 Kicking off with the 1969-71' Patches (cloth stickers to most of us).

That is not the same Braves pair that I posted yesterday. It is a pair for the set build. Most of these "patches" are from 69 & 70. The lone pairing for 71' is the Brewers.

The biggest problem with the 69-71 patches is that 99% of them are identical. There are a couple of exceptions where it is easily identified typically those are 69's. TCDB can't stand these as they believe that unless you are the one who opened them and know what the package said, it is too hard to figure out. I found that not to be the case. Here is a link to a website that makes it a whole lot easier.

1969-72 Fleer Tall boys and the patches  


  1. Never seen the MLB logo. I'll have to see if I own that one for my set build.

  2. I don't collect this sort of thing, but can see the appeal, what with the older logos and all.