Friday, February 4, 2022

The Pinnacle that led to a Revolution of Newbies and Stars is a Score

 I couldn't come up with anything

This years pinnacle is much in line with every year of Pinnacle, kind of bland. Simple yes, and I like that, but still bland. Maybe the no logo thing hurts his set.

The shish kabobs' over at Panini decided to make Revolution this year as basically an insert. WTF it's a 100 card set. This set since they started has always had a few parallels, this year several more, and none of them make any sense. Otherwise the base is good, I like it.

I believe without the star design these cards might look pretty good.

Panini usually does pretty good with the Score brand, these are nice.

We'll wrap this year's Chronicles up probably on Monday. Just need to get through the weekend.

Now for the uncle update: To keep it somewhat simple I have just copied a response I made on yesterday's post comments: Here we go:

The big problem I'm having is he has given up and wants to die. In his wisdom 3 decades ago he made it clear that sick/ill persons do not make rational decisions and he put his living will in place and kept it updated every five years or so. We last did it in 2018 before his cognitive issues were relevant. Since pulling him off the sleeping pills last year he was better cognitively and physically. Just last month started walking and standing again after not doing so in 3+ years. Wonderful, and as his full POA I am honoring what was his wishes which was under NO circumstance do we give up/pull the plug so to speak even though that is what he wants me to do now. He was wise and knew what he wanted and that once sick would not be able to keep that frame of mind. I completely understand what he was thinking back then and he was right. Living wills are important and rid one from having to make decisions based on purely compassion. That is what Hospice is for. I know that most people choose the opposite way to go without misery and suffering in the living wills, he didn't which also aligns with my own decisions regarding my life and choice. I want to be kept alive unless I am 100% and in writing that I am completely brain dead. Still yet this is so hard.... sickening. I've explained all of this to him, but he is only concerned about his current misery and does not understand that if he would only eat and drink everything (other than the taste thing) is recoverable 100%. He made a wise choice to make me the POA knowing I would keep it all business, but it is so hard even for me. I appreciate those prayers please keep them coming. It won't be long before his dehydration shuts down his kidneys, I am getting protein in him, just not enough fluids.

Then, you have days like today which was almost normal from 10am til 4pm he was great, said his bottom was hurting (massive hemorrhoid) and he will never push, so what's inside must be removed manually (because nothing gets it out as he holds it in) which also "kills him" until your done anyways. I know that's gross, but it is what it is. So, yes a great day today especially when compared to the week we just finished. I need a break so I am actually still going to go to Jax tomorrow. I just pray he has another good day tomorrow.  I feel better getting all of that off my chest. 


  1. Kind of sad to see the Pinnacle logo slapped on those cards.

    Continued thoughts for your uncle's health.

  2. Thoughts and prayers for your uncle and you.

  3. It's unfortunate that all of this has seemingly come on so suddenly. On one hand, I can sort of understand how your uncle might feel, and ultimately it is his decision of course. But on the other hand, I can understand even more why you would want to try and prevent him from giving up; it's only natural to want take care of ones loved one's. I'm sure that this situation is more complex, and certainly more stressful, then you're letting on. I don't know how much good it will do, but I'm sending my best to the both of you.