Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Slow going

 The last few days have been slow going in regards to my uncle. Friday and Saturday were good days. Sunday was so so, and yesterday and today just nothing although is is more alert tonight.

I did go to Jax. on Saturday. I only visited two tables, spent all of my time at those tables.

The first was at Fred's table (not my uncle). Usually this is where I get the best deals, but not on this trip. Still good though.

I picked up almost 500 cards individually picked after sorting through boxes and boxes. Wound up paying apx. 40 cents a piece. Pricey for me.

Not the only relic.

Here are two more including the blue parallel. I'm not much of a prospector (unless it is a Brave). But these names were familiar enough for me to grab.

That first Jeter there is nice. Not really sure what it is, some online exclusive thing I'm sure.

Probably don't need those Trouts but I'll find out towards years end.

Boggy rookie for cheap.

A couple of pink pulsars from this year's Chronicles. Those are little tougher than the easy to get purple velocity cards. 

I'll spread the haul (about half the haul from Fred's table was scanned) over the week. Then I will get to the 2nd table where I came home with 1500 cards at a dime a piece. Dime cards are good.


  1. There is stuff there that I never see at card shows.

  2. 1,500 dime cards? You don't mess around.

  3. All of those Jeters are nice!

  4. Nice grab, looking forward to part 2! Continued prayers for your uncle.