Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Ten cent Derek Jeter cards.

 You most certainly read that right. Jeter's for a dime. A dime! A dime.

Hitting it hard right off the bat with the pin stripes parallel Aurora.

That yellow card is a new one for me for sure. I didn't really care if I knew I already had copies of these Jeter's. I grabbed them all.

I have no guilt either.

I know I have both of those Ritz/Oreo cards on the bottom, but like I said I didn't care.

Not a bad haul at ten cents each. Pleased for sure. Not bad for $4.60.


  1. I would not pay 5 cents for all of those ... unless I had a trade prospect in mind.

  2. This is why I don't tell people how much I pay for my cards. Guys like you always get better deals.

    The Opening Day in the third group is my favorite.

    Good haul.

  3. Insane!!! Some of those i need for my jeter PC

  4. Geez. Gotta go to the shows you go to.

  5. I always add any regular issue Jeter base card to my stack when digging through dime boxes. I figure I'll either keep it (if I don't have a copy) or pass it along to someone in a care package. The thing is... I probably have found less than 10 in my lifetime.

  6. Those are great. I think the Back to the Future insert is my favorite. I remember liking the texture of those.

  7. Fantastic cards. You'd never find dime Jeters where I live.

  8. Awesome! The dealer didn't have a concussion when you asked him how much right?

    1. I'm sure he felt like he had one after I lowered his initial price by $50.00. He accepted though. :)