Thursday, February 10, 2022

Card show continuation

Prayers to the Giambi family. RIP Jeremy. 


Picking up where I left off on Tuesday with cards from table 1 (Fred).

I really like the Mosaic Aces, especially that Clemens parallel. That Boudreau parallel ain't bad either. Looks like I turned the Koufax & Cody the wrong way.

Green Alonso. Betts refractor.

Benny rookie, that Betts (in service) is great.

As you can tell I grabbed a lot of parallels. I also grabbed a lot more Chronicles. I figured at .40 why not.

I put a big dent in the Revolution needs, and while I was at it grabbed some Revolution parallels too (below).

The Pink Pulsars were sweet gets.

I'm sure you're pooped out on the Chronicles, but I promise you won't see anymore, well until the dime cards I snagged. Most of those were from previous years.

One more post from Fred's tables tomorrow.

My uncle had another very good day today, not bad for not sleeping last night. I had to put him on his side because of a bed sore. He doesn't sleep on his side so he was bitching all night.... all night. I put him in bed early tonight so he can get some sleep, he was kind of out of it hearing stuff. Hopefully he sleeps all night and we have another good day tomorrow. Now for some "odd" news about him. He did not lose his taste sensation from Covid (can't wait to tell and chew the Dr's ass out). Remember he had ZERO symptoms. He was eating food until he was on the covid ward and they gave him sleeping pills and changed his BP meds. He did lose his taste sensation with the exception of the Pedialyte (too sweet for him) and anything strawberry. Apparently, twenty years ago this happened to him in North Carolina and ultimately switched him from the BP meds to what he currently takes. That "bad" med was the very one he has made clear he doesn't ever want, and yet this Dr. doesn't listen especially if my uncle is in the hospital. Three times (over 6 years) I've had this argument with that Doc. over amlodipine. My understanding from Fred was that it drys his mouth out to the point of disgust. Today, I found out when talking to his god-daughter that was the cause of the taste lost except for strawberries 20 yrs ago. That time it lasted 2 1/2 years back then according to her. I certainly hope that isn't the case this go around. So there you have it, this near 99 year old man kicked Covid's ass (never even knew he had it and doesn't really understand the "Virus" at all anyways). He hears "vaccine" and thinks they are talking about Vaseline, lol. I sent him to the hospital because of the severe allergic reaction to Keflex given to him that very day. Here you have another "covid hospitalization" on the books that was not or ever a covid case, he simply tested positive he was there for something else. I did agree to let them give him the Rendesvir, I figure that was a couldn't hurt thing. Well, except for them giving him 3 Rx that I specifically told them not too. He had PT yesterday and will again tomorrow. I'm going to get this guy walking again like I started before he "got sick" last month. It had been 3 years since he last walked then. Now just to get the taste buds firing on all cylinders and heal that bed sore. All will be good. 

Looking back at the last 2 weeks, strawberry (protein) milk shakes, strawberry ice cream and fresh strawberries, it all makes sense to me now. Although he is liking the peach ice cream too. He is asking for chocolate. I'll have to go fetch some tomorrow. It just didn't make any sense that he would lose his taste buds AFTER recovering from Covid. That is usually what lets some people know they have it. I feel so relieved and I really am looking forward to chewing the Dr. out. After all, he works for us, not the other way around. I'm going to make if absolutely clear if he ever goes against my orders again..... he'll be fired, and a complaint with CMS/HHS. I should do that anyways because of the current situation, but although I am angry (something people that know me never want to do) and would take great pleasure in the most horrific and miserable pain I could inflict upon him, I know that revenge doesn't help my uncle not to mention I'm pretty sure I have enough on my plate already. 

Yes, I am smiling writing that. 


  1. Strange stuff about your uncle! And it's amazing how much stuff you got! Love the Clemens, like the split screen card and many of the others are awesome. Lots of Soto and Tatis.

  2. I don't watch or look at the news anymore. I learn my celebrity/sports death news from your blog. Very sad about Giambi, unfortunately not completely surprising.

    Those Evolution cards look good all together like that.

  3. Very sad to hear about Giambi. Always sad to hear someone is hurting enough to take their own life. As for your uncle... I hope that bed sore heals soon.

  4. Nice collection of cards as usual, although the Revolution cards give me a headache. Sounds like Giambi committed suicide, so that's even worse. Hope your uncle continues to improve!