Monday, February 28, 2022

Finishing the last card show: and the dime cards.

 Okay, time to wrap up the dime cards from Jacksonville card show back on the 5th of this month. The next show over there is March 5th and other than grabbing bulk 2022 Topps on the cheap my goal will probably be more of the vintage variety. 

I kind of have a thing for the orange parallels. I guess it can be traced back to my very first little league team. The Kennesaw Warriors. We were undefeated Champions. Our uniform was basically an orange jersey and hat.

My belt is almost bigger than the trophy, lol.

Talk about "yeah I know it" looks.

Straight up happy face there. That was my only year playing ball in Kennesaw. We moved to Bremen and the next 3 years of little league were all spent playing for the Athletics. Yeah, green but at least the uniforms were complete (including mandatory cups).

The Goldy's are different one is serial numbered.

Great haul that I was feeling satisfied with. 

I have several posts from varying sources to get out before the next show cards. I have some Gavin payback, a few Ebay wins, and a somewhat small SportLots box shipment to get out. I say small for me, as the one I am getting ready to ship will be near 700 cards.


  1. Go Warriors! One of the few logos in this post.

  2. Pretty sure cups were mandatory back in my day too. Even if they weren't, I always wore one.

  3. Nice photos. Did you play ball wearing jeans?

    1. for the Warriors, yep tennis shoes too. After that full uniforms with cleats and a cup.

  4. That's an interesting Rickey.

    My tee-ball uniform was orange shirt and cap.

  5. Love the photos. That kitchen was really cool!