Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Final round: nickel cards

 This post will wrap up all that I am going to post from the 25,000 card haul at the Jax show earlier this month. I do wish the events of this past week had not happened, but c'est la vie. Moving on, I plan on heading to Jax on Feb 5th for the next show. 

Okay, now they are done. I sent a few packages out that were pre-covid (here). I have put together a few for Gavin, Jeremy, and working on Fuji. Just waiting to be certain all is clear before messing with them or the post office. I hope to get hose out by weeks end. That reminds me also that I just got a package from Mark and will highlight the needs here come Thursday.


  1. I feel like Graterol was pitching in the playoffs.

  2. Great nickel cards, and I'm glad your uncle is doing better!