Friday, November 29, 2019

Two for One

First of the two is the Keepers I pulled from the 2019 complete Topps Holiday set, that I picked up BIN on Ebay for $19.99 delivered! I even got a SP (at least I think I did).


They put 7 of the Trophy Cups in the 200 card base set.  Go figure.

Chappy is the card I think that I see SNOW.


These all are for the PC's.

Those were my keepers. 

Now on to Two.  Wednesday before last was my 1,500th post. I didn't realize it at the time.

I had always told myself I would do something special for that, but I screwed it up. Anyways, it has come and gone. I'll squeeze a "for no reason at all" contest out in the near future to commemorate that feat.

Have a great night and safe weekend!


  1. I was thinking that most of the set was keepers, so I looked it up and I see Update has gotten up to 300 cards now (and was 350 last year). Wow.

  2. I'm thinking that the Chappy in snow is probably rain......that looks like snow when photographed.

    1. Oh well, the base card shows it too. Still 19.99 delivered complete set ain't bad.

  3. I picked up one of those $19.99 (free shipping) sets too. Hard to pass that up when you get the entire set for the price of a blaster.

  4. 1500 posts is impressive! Congrats!