Thursday, November 14, 2019

Running out

The latest cards coming in were from P-Town Tom and some Ebay wins. I'm running out of new stuff to highlight here.

First up the Jim Dandies that Tom sent.

Needed, and you can;t get enough signed cards of PC guys.

The Dream cast card is so much more shinier than it appears here. Again, both needed.

A needed Jones relic.

Tom, threw in a note saying he was looking to return quality and not quantity. And if the cards above don't reflect that for you, gander at these.

2 Team set vintage needs GONE!.  Thank you Tom.  I'm still smiling and I've had these for a couple weeks now.

Next up are some Ebay wins all from the same seller. Each of these cards also qulaifies for my Lincoln files. Didn't pay $5.00 for any of them. Shipping was $3.75 for all of them , so that helps keep the card prices way down.

2015 Topps 5x7 RED. It is numbered to 10.

This is my first RED, and I really don't have many 5x7 cards at all, a few of the Stadium club master photos, and 1 or 2 from 99 Topps.

Just for comparison.  BTW, that is the variation Josh Donaldson from Update. I picked it up from this seller for $2.47.

5x7. Numbered 10/49. It's real small on the bottom left.

Another numbered 5x7, but this one is from Tribute.

Same here with Warren Spahn.

Topps Now, On Demand, and Sapphire Edition, all .49-.99 each.

I do have some cards on the way from Bo (shipped today), and one day I'll get those customs from Gavin. Until then all I have scanned (newly) are some more cards I picked from my 2nd trip to Warner Robins. (Not counting the 57' binder, and the stuff for the revamping of Wacky Wednesday should be happening on January 1). I'll try to stretch out what I have to get me through the Holidays. I do plan on attending a card show in Macon on Dec. 21st. But that is still 5 weeks away.

Have a great one!


  1. Nice getting a 1961 topps warren spahn in a trade.

  2. Love the Peel & Reveal Chipper. Those sure were the days when card companies were still motivating each other to be creative and the best.

    1. It's a great insert for sure. I had just listed 1 of them for another PC guy too.

  3. I've bought some 5"x7" cards of Vogelbach and I love them. I always forget to pick up the binder pages when I'm at my LCS though!

    1. I had went and bid on a bunch more from that same seller and won 15 of them, and they came in today. So I'll have them to post about next week.

  4. Sorry for the delay on those customs. Pretty sure I've got them all printed out now, just need to go through the whole cutting-out process. I've got a 3-day weekend coming up, so I'm hoping to make progress then.

    1. I know how much work that was/is. I am anxious to have them, can't wait to pair them up. It'll motivate me to finally get that binder in order to start posting that series.