Tuesday, November 19, 2019

More 1957 Topps. What?

Hmm. That's right, more 1957 Topps. These however, did not come in the binder. Immediately after I got back from Florida in September I bid and won an Ebay auction for a 118 card lot of 57's.

This adds to the total and may or MAY NOT help in guessing the percentage complete.

The cards posted here tonight were either straight up needs, or upgrades to what I already had.

The vast majority were upgrades.

Even a few stars included. No HOFers, but stars none the less.

The last two there are creased, but I definitely can live with the Battey.

Contest #2 (the binder cost) and #4 percentage complete are still available to win.

I'll finish up the rest of the recent Warner Robins trip on Thursday.


  1. Looks like a lot of nice upgrades there!

  2. Lots like this are sort of intriguing to me, as I'm always left wondering who's buying them? Most of the folks who are interested in this set and/or vintage sets will likely already have all of the cards, and the kids certainly aren't buying them, yet the lots still seem to sell really well! After seeing this post, I wonder now if they're just being bought by people looking to up grade their sets? If so, one has to wonder where all of the lower grade stuff is going?

  3. Dick Williams looks so young there. I'm used to seeing him with gray hair on his 1986 Topps manager card.