Friday, November 15, 2019

What's in the folder.

As I type this I have no clue what this post will be about. My Ebay deals/Less than a Lincoln cards I showed off last night, cleaned out the scan folder. I did however win 16 more auctions earlier this week from that same seller, and they came in today. 15 5x7 and an auto.

Let's see what's in the scan folder to see if I overlooked anything. Talk about a brain fart. Duh, I have the Warner Robin stuff from my second trip up there last Saturday.

This first post from that trip were the last cards/items added to my haul for the day. I had already paid for what I bought and I was just lingering around, and started moving things around on a table the dealer had set up near the door where everything was priced at a buck. I grabbed up a few items, figuring Charlie would just tell me not to worry about it which he did in fact do.

There were a half dozen of these. I grabbed two.

Inside are three cards. I grabbed this one as all 3 player are PC guys, not to mention I needed the Galarraga for the team sets.

A view of the back of these metal cards. They are metal too. Maybe not steel, but cool anyway.

Here is the next item.(#3)

A 50 card Mariners set from 1995 Pacific.

Lots of cards for the PC. Maybe not the Piniella, but who knows one day he might get into the Hall.

More PC cards, but in the horizontal variety.

 These cards had 1 of 2 card backs.

Item #4

I grabbed up this Leaf Yogi Berra puzzle. I already at least 1 of these, probably 2. One puzzle put together and the other left intact so this one can go to the PC. For a buck, why not? Especially being it didn't cost me anything.

The next item (#5) was actually a book that caught my eye.

I actually didn't open it up while at the shop.

The back of the book, well the book sleeve/jacket. It was a hard cover sleeve if you will. But Hey Hank Aaron and the Babe. Why not?

This is the actually front of the book. I was a bit disappointed at first. I was expecting something vintagy.

Inside were a few vintage photos. Imagine if we had to watch our baseball games or t.v. in general on that.

Probably my favorite photo in the book.  If a parent let their child do that today, they'd be hauled off to jail. Anyways, I quickly got over the disappointment, I paid nothing for the book.

Come Tuesday I'll put up the actual haul from my second trip to this store. It may take 2 posts. I figure one more trip to the store should cover absolutely everything the guys has at the shop. My next trip that way will be closer to Christmas for a cardshow in Macon 30 miles north of Warner Robins.


  1. Is vintagy a word? No matter, I think I'm going to start using it.
    The 50 card Mariners set is pretty cool. The "Griffey Scores The Winning Run" card captures such an iconic moment. Most excellent.

  2. I loved Stars and Steel!

    As much as I hated that '95 Division Series, I did pick up that set a while back because it had Tinos I needed.

  3. "If a parent let their child do that today, they'd be hauled off to jail." So true. Oh how the times have changed. I'd say we talk about this kind of stuff at least once a week at our lunch table.