Monday, November 18, 2019

1957 Topps: Scans the rest of them

Moving right through to finish the last handful of pages.

In other words, these are the last scans from the binder I bought back in September.

Which means there is a contest.

All along this series, there has been mainly 1 commenter, thus that will be the Grand prize winner.

That honor goes to the Night Owl. More on what Greg gets later.

I knew all along that I would hold several contests related to this series. There will be 4 one of which is already won, but three others and the same person is eligible for all contests.

Contest 2:  Rules: Be a follower of this blog (pertains to all contests mentioned here tonight) and guess (in the comments of this post) what I paid for the binder. Be the 1st to guess correctly.  Details later.

Contest 3:  How many HOFers were included in the binder?

Final Contest: Guess the current percentage completed of this binder including what cards I had before the binder, and have picked up since. This is more of a lucky guess, as there is really no way for anyone to know what that percentage would be, but guess away.

Obviously, I am missing dang near all of the mid series SP's.

The DETAILS: Greg will get to choose 6 (six) of my 1957 available dupes (I will scan them in a separate post).

Contest winner of #2: will get to choose 3 after Greg picks. #3 picks 2 after the previous winners have chosen, and lastly #4 gets to pick from the remaining available dupes.

Have a great night all.


  1. Woo! It IS a great night!

    I feel greedy after winning the first contest, but I'll throw in some other guesses:

    2. $225.00 for the binder.
    3. I count 17 HOFers.
    4. Guessing you have 70% of the set.

  2. Now you have won the grand prize and prize #3. So far, that'll be 8 picks total. You'll have to wait on the two picks for prize 3 until whoever wins #2 picks. I'll be heading home sometime in the next week to grab that binder to (double check) determine what percentage I now have. Heck you may have won #4 too, lol. Not sure though.

  3. Nice job Night Owl! I'll guess $300 for the binder, 76% on the set.

  4. I'm not trying to enter the contest, I just wanted to say how much I liked that Turk Lown card! I've never seen that one before, and will now be looking for one during the upcoming Black Friday sale on COMC.

  5. I've already won one of your contests recently... so I'll forego my entry. But I will say that Gus Zernial is awesome! First he's pictured with tons of balls in his 1952 card... now he's carrying a bunch of bats.