Thursday, November 7, 2019


After having to leave Ocala last month without my ComC order that I had sent there, I decided to just have future orders shipped to Valdosta from now on. To avoid the sales tax thing, I purchase store credit and then buy the cards I want. Then later I have them shipped when there is a nice stack. However, when I first loaded up the store credit, I went overboard. 

A pair of 52's to the Braves team set needs. 288 & 289. But, wait could there be one more?    

Okay, this is the reprint Eddie Mathews rookie. I needed it too, and it was the last card needed for the reprint set.

Grabbed up some Orange parallels.

Got some toughies too like that trio of Freddie's. 

Tomorrow I'm going to load you up on some high enders. I did say I went overboard.

See ya.


  1. Love loading up the ol' COMC cart. Got one going right now.

  2. That Tommy Holmes card is great.

  3. Great stuff. Can't even begin dreaming of building the 1952 Topps A's team set.
    I was just so happy to pick up the Zernial a while back. Since I don't have any flea market plans this weekend, I might need to dedicate an hour on Saturday morning to scouring COMC so I can request a shipment.

    1. Or you could wait a couple of weeks until the Black Friday sale, and have them shipped for free.

      Love these 52's BTW, I'm glad that I don't ever have to try and buy the Mathews rookie though, as I can't even imagine how much that must go for.