Friday, November 8, 2019

Thick and Hearty

When I stated that I went overboard with that last ComC was pertaining to Topps Triple Threads. With the recent release of this years version I decided to check out where I was with the previous years. I was lacking all the way back. I knew I had put money in the "store credit". Way too easy.

Real easy to wipe out the credit.

But look at all of those colors.

Don't get me wrong, I am probably this biggest whiner when it comes to parallels.  Ugh! As a team collector......I got to have them.

And being that most of these Braves in this brand are also PC guys I'll live with it. Especially seeing that only the base cards go to the team set binders, the rest get checked off as having and straight to the PC.

I cleaned up as over the course of a couple of weeks I was watching them...Waiting for a bargain.

And I got one, rather 3. Most of these cards came from 3 sellers.

I really am a cheap skate when it comes to cards, so you know getting all of these high end cards was painstaking.

Until you have them in your hands. That makes it a little better.

A bit easier then. It's in your hands, the cards look great, and it is already done. No use in whining at this point.

We all know the "spilled milk" clause.

They do look good. It is nice having most, of the parallels. Obviously there weren't a lot of sales on the golds and sapphires, and zero on the Ruby (typically 1/1). But my checklist sure did get a whole lot shorter, although I stayed away from the higher numbers SP's (usually relic cards). And I totally strayed from the 2006 cards. Not sure why.

Now I will leave all of the Topps Tribute and Museum parallels up to you guys to send me, lol.

Have a great weekend folks, I didn't go to Warner Robins last weekend so I might go tomorrow.

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  1. When I returned to the hobby back in 2008, I loved watching box breaks of Triple Threads. I was so tempted to buy and bust a box of this stuff.