Monday, November 25, 2019


Posting this morning rather than tonight, as I am hitting the highway later today.

Up first are so cards from some of the cards that Bo sent to me.

Only showing the Braves I needed that Bo sent.

Bo sent along, a bunch of set build needs too mostly 2007 Topps Update, and 07 Upper Deck, but several other smaller stacks too. One day, I actually hope to have all of those modern sets completed.

Let's see I went back on Ebay and hit up that seller with the 5x7s again.

This Shelby isn't a 5x7 though. But an autograph of a guy I collect (Miller) for $2.36 qualifies for the Lincoln Files.

Most of the 5x7's were between 1.04-1.25 each.

Including these birthday binder guys.

A pair of Correa's too.

Shohei cost $1.62.

A couple of nice variation horizontals.

This pair was 3.25 each. the most costly of all of the 5x7.

Touki was $3.09

Not a bad haul. I guess I'll have to pick up a box of those special pages.


  1. Solid haul.

    That Rickey Stadium Club is an awesome photo.

  2. Great trading with you again. Next trade will be in your favor of course. Don't know when that will be, there's nothing on the horizon, but good deals have a way of finding me from time to time, so I'm sure there will be something good for you at some point soon.

  3. That Gary Matthews SP Cuts from Bo is really fantastic!

    1. Gary was a super nice guy too. He used to be the next door neighbor to an aunt of mine (when I was a kid). The guy even cut his HUGE (like an acre+) lawn himself with a push mower during the season.

  4. Do most of the Throwback Thursday 5x7 cards have a postcard back? If so... I've gotta track some down for my collection.

  5. I think that many of the 5x7 TBT do, but I'm pretty sure not all of the do.

    1. I'll have to conduct a COMC search and try to find some for my collections.