Friday, November 22, 2019

A Quirky little thing

I've been a good boy this year. No, not trying to smooth talk Santa here. Prior to this year, I would only update my PC's every couple of years. It was a daunting affair. Still is really, but I mean it when I said I've been a good boy this year. I'm currently on my 3rd update (run from A-Z) this year with my PC's. I am running right through them trying to get to Z before the end of the year, I will no doubt. This was one of my goals, not to be so on top of it, but actually just to get done a little bit. Just that simplistic goal let up all of the stress involved with sorting alphabetically each of the 500+ PC guys. Then to sort each player chronologically, and again alphabetically. See, might seem daunting, but it really wasn't. I actually find it hard to stop once I'm on a roll. Oooh, not what I was talking about with the post title. I got off track a bit.

The quirky thing was this, I have a lot of PC guys. I don't go out and intentionally try to add to them (unless they are Braves). I just take what I get when buying bulk. Throw them into one of many boxes to be sorted later. So, after this many years, the numbers don't change much for any given player, granted a few do jump dramatically from time to time. Take for instance Goose here.

Goose has (listed per Beckett) 1,268 cards/items. I now have 125 cards of him. I added Goose this year. So I have 10% of his total cards. Still, not the quirky thing. 1,268 cards compared to the 2019 released already Braves (does NOT count Gallery either) 11,671 Braves cards. That's FRIGGIN NUTS. But, still not the quirk.

You've had time to examine the cards above for a little while now. These cards were not additions to the PC, they were the cards that were dupes.  Just so you know I am mid way through the M's as you read this. Goose is a G, I did those in the last 5-7 days. Something kept bothering about those above cards. It took a minute, but I figured it out before I put them into the trade boxes.

Have you caught what was bothering me yet?  6 dupes, 6 different teams.
Funny how something can get at you, and it takes a little while to figure it out. Oh, well it was just a quirky little thing. made for a good post to mix things up a bit.


  1. I’m always surprised when I see all the teams he pitched for.

  2. Goose! He had well-traveled wings!

  3. Goose pitched for the Mariners? That's my piece of baseball trivia for the day. As for your 500+ PC guys... that is pretty awesome. I have trouble organizing my 50 to 75 binder guys. No way I could manage 100... let alone 500.