Thursday, November 21, 2019

Well.........Good stuff.

My last trip, the second time to Warner Robins netted me some good stuff. I'll start and finish this post with items that fit that description. And maybe, just maybe the in between will fit in there too.

Charlie the shop owner, brought in a binder of vintage for me to go through. Irvin, Dropo, and Doby are a bit under the weather.

Doby and Irvin are pricey cards, so I'll take them just as they are.

A few more big name and pricey cards here too.

A lot of Ryans here, most were upgrades I needed. But that 72' was needed (and pricey).

I thought that I needed both of these Ripken rookies. I knew I needed the Traded, it was the Fleer that I was mistaken. No quams with purchase as I can use it for the PC. Paid $50  for the pair. So it was like it was free.

Charlie also made it clear that after my last visit where I cleaned him out of the nicer Andruw cards, he restocked it......A little.

The 98 Score in the middle is a promotional card.

Just a peek at the backs to see they are special (other than the base Galley).

The top right card is an International Atomic Refractor.

I'm not sure why I cropped the Bowman Heritage Chrome card back. there must have been something I wanted you to see. I just don't remember or see it.

The Origins card is the Gold version. So, I pretty much wiped out all of the new Druw's he brought in.

Charlie had a stack of these behind the counter. Close to 250 of these, only 2 dupes. I grabbed them all. I guess I'll be maintaining the complete run of these now. I do have a great start. i did use a few of them for the PC's that needed to show a single card even it is a postcard. The Chylak was one such player.

Now the last items of the day.

Vintage Exhibits. Braves. 2 HOFers!

That wraps it up. I feel like good stuff is a good description.


  1. Geez, Charlie must've enjoyed a handsome payday.

  2. I about crapped my pants when we were totaling things out. I spent about a 150 bucks more than I expected. Lesson learned..... My tried and true way of doing (when buying in bulk) paying at various levels was not done on this trip. Won't do that again.

  3. Good stuff is an understatement.

  4. $50 for a Traded Ripken... with a 82F thrown in? That's fantastic. I paid much more than that. This is one heck of a haul. There were tons of cool stuff in this haul... including those 1954's.

    1. When I checked out, or while I was, the first cards I insisted on knowing what he was charging were the 2 Ripken's. I normally do a few pay outs along the way, but I didn't this day. So I had to know how much was Cal, and lickity split, I said YES. The sticker shock hit me on the rest though.

  5. I had no idea that Cal's rookie sold for so much, I'm glad I'm not working on that set! The '54 Doby is pretty rough, but still really great. Love the Musial too, the '58 All-Star subset is probably my favorite such subset.

  6. Lots of great 90's stuff here. Those seat cards are pretty sweet. I own the Griffey