Tuesday, November 5, 2019


Got a few cards in recently.

I may have already posted my 2019 Update Braves. I have the Donaldson variation on its way as well. Still need the 2 Albies variations, and I have all but 1 (Murphy) from the base set variations coming in too. 

The following came from The Lost Collector.

A.J. seant along a fat stack of Tino's for my PC and he included a bunch (a bunch of) Braves.  I needed the cards above. Thanks AJ! I am working on round 3 (this year) updating the PC's. I am on the 'C's" right now.

The following were Ebay wins.

They all came from the same seller who started his auctions at .89 each and if you win 25 you get 45% off. 

I won 28! A lot of Gold Label with different classes including Blacks.  Two cards were missing from the winnings, and I contacted the seller, they should be coming in as well.

Thursday I'll be highlighting the ComC order that I had shipped to Valdosta. I still have the package back home in Ocala to scan up too.

Have a great night!


  1. That 2019 Stadium Club Donaldson is a great looking card. Pretty sure that SC is my favorite set of 2019.

  2. I really like the photo on the Eddie Mathews TSC, kind of surprised that I hadn't seen it before though.