Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Trick or Treat?

Boo! Did I scare you? Probably not. So lets have a go at 1974 Topps trip cards.

All PC guys, but these 74's are heading to the set build.

I was only able to add 13 cards to the 1974 Topps. I really this set, front and back. Lots of awesome photography, especially Shadow Shots like that Dolphin on Skip's card.


  1. i haven't had nearly enough appreciation for the 74 set. The more Topps moves away from traditional, bordered cards; the more I want these gems.

  2. I have some 74 dupes if you've got a wantlists.

    1. I do have a want list (for all years) Top right of the blog, go to my website, scroll to bottom click set builds, scroll to bottom again click Topps.

  3. Lots of good names there!

    It's kinda funny how Aaron wasn't quite the home run king yet but Topps gave him that title anyways. What if he got in a bad car accident in the offseason or something and never played again? That'd be crazy and Topps would have gotten blamed for jinxing him.

  4. First set I completed as a kid strictly from ripping packs

  5. Aaron broke the record in April - maybe the cards were printed after he broke the record?

  6. I do believe the cards were printed and released after he broke Ruth's record.

  7. 1974 had some amazing action shots... especially when it came to pitchers. Great stuff.