Saturday, October 28, 2017

1971 Topps trip cards.

From a Georgia boy whose home is in Florida, and grew up a Bulldog fan, then converted in my early twenties to a Gator fan and for the most part residing in GA at the moment, it is not a good afternoon.  The Dawgs are paying us back for last year.  OUCH! With interest too.

A little rough.

The sad part about today's Gator loss, largest deficit since 1982 by GA.

I can however, take something good away about the loss......

that the longest steak in college football is still intact and growing. The Gators have scored in the last 368 games. It's something..... right?

I'm looking forward to next Saturday, as it will be time to go to the Jax. card show (certainly glad it wasn't this weekend). I didn't go in Sept. or Oct. so I'm hoping to do well. Now to finish up with the Gator game. I wasn't expecting Florida to win today (3-3) going into this game, but I did expect them to give GA a little fight. Afterall, Georgia was and is undefeated 8-0 now and will more than likely be ranked #2 behind Alabama.  Dab nab it, lol.


  1. One of my fav sets. Started it in 71 as an 8yr old. Finished about 5 yrs ago

  2. That Ron Woods is one of my favorite shots from this set.

    1. Agree w/Jon. That Woods card is a beauty. So is the iconic Munson.

  3. I don't know which I like more: the Munson cup or the Ted Williams managing the Senators.

  4. Awesome set. I finished it last year and have a ton of (rough condition) dupes I'd love to trade off, if anyone wants to hit me up.

  5. I love how Bobby Ray Murcer signed his whole name.

  6. Hey, someone does a blog on this set! He likes it a lot.