Sunday, October 15, 2017

1961 Topps trip cards

61 Topps is one of my favorite set designs.

Nice center piece.

And a better center piece, crease and all.

That's a wrap for tonight.


  1. Love the Billy Williams and the Yaz!

    1. Now to get the The Marichal and Santo rookies (need 2 and 3 of each)

  2. Some serious man-spreading in the background of J.C. Martin's card.

    It's amazing how different some of these pictures are from each other. On one page you have an Elston Howard photo that could have been a photo from 2017, and a Frank Funk picture that looks like it's from 1917.

  3. Love that Yaz. It was one of the first HOF vintage purchases I made as a kid. Lol. I went a few years thinking it was his rookie card. Was pretty disappointed to find out it wasn't.